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The Blog of Gene Luen Yang - Angouleme 2009
Angouleme 2009 

Last year, I visited the comic book equivalent of Shangri-La: The Angouleme Festival, the largest comics convention in the Western world. Absolutely amazing. The comics culture in Europe is very, very different from its American counterpart. Their storytelling traditions, their popular genres, even the production pipeline of their books all give a glimpse into a totally different world. Despite the differences, though, the same love for stories told through doodles flow underneath it all.

The 2009 festival is happening RIGHT NOW, but deadlines, family, and other worthy commitments are keeping me on my home continent. Still, I'm able to experience a small piece of the excitement through the Angouleme iPhone/iPod Touch App! This app lets you download sample pages of all the Official Selections of Angouleme 2009. It's like having a digital bookshelf of the very best European comics in your pocket. Awesome!


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Ginny C 
Note: Sorry if this comment seems out of place, but I'm not familiar with Blogspot and didn't know if you would get notifications of comments on earlier posts.

I'm a student at Emory University and I'm writing a feature article for the Entertainment section that focuses on the "whitewashing" of Asian remakes/live-action movies. The controversy surrounding the Avatar casting will be the highlight of my article, and I was wondering if you would be open to answering some questions via email. I think your position as a Chinese-American cartoon artist could give an interesting and important insight onto the matter.

The website for our school's newspaper is here: http://www.emorywheel.com/

To prove my legitimacy as a writer for the newspaper, here are some links to previous articles I have written:




If you have the time and would like to participate, please email me at ginny.chae@gmail.com, after which I could give you my university email.

Thank you for your time!

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