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The Blog of Gene Luen Yang - Prime Baby Process
Prime Baby Process 
Wanna know how I make comics? Here's the quickie run-down, using page 2 from Prime Baby as an example:

1. I start by writing a script. Sometimes this looks slick and formatted, kind of like a screenplay. Sometimes this is barely-legible chicken scratch on napkins. Unfortunately, I don't have my script from Prime Baby to show you because it was probably chicken scratch on napkins.

2. I translate my script into thumbnail sketches. I generally do these on plain old typing paper. Because Prime Baby was both text-heavy (the protagonist is a wordy little sociopath) and limited in space (it was originally published in The New York Times magazine), I laid out the words in Photoshop first and then sketched over print-outs of the dialog. I got the idea from reading about how they used to do those old EC comics.

3. Once I'm satisfied with my thumbnails, I pencil.

4. Then I ink using a Japanese brush pen. When I'm done, I scan it into the computer and lay the image under the words in Photoshop.

5. Finally, I get one of my color-savvy friends, like Derek Kirk Kim in this case, to color it. This is generally done in Photoshop, too.


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Administrator (Gene Yang) 
Jeannie -- No I don't. Derek Kirk Kim makes it look easy. That guy never makes mistakes. I hate him.

Jessica -- I couldn't. I had snot.

Anson -- You should put some of your stuff up! I'd love to see your process!


Anson Jew 
Thanks for sharing these! I always find it fascinating watching different artists' creative processes.

You should save those napkins!

you make it look so easy!

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