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The Blog of Gene Luen Yang - Crazy Summer
Crazy Summer 
It's been a crazy summer, and I fell off the blogging wagon. Sorry! I went to China, taught comics at an art college, went to Comic-Con, and took our preschooler and our toddler camping with the in-laws. Everything was really fun, everything was really tiring.

But I'm (hopefully) back! I'm going part-time at my day job this coming school year so that I can devote more of my hours to comics. I don't have any events in the near future to tell you about, but I do have a web destination I think you should check out: Derek Kirk Kim's Website! He's revamped it and now has all sorts of goodies up for folks to browse. Check it out! Here's an image from our upcoming book The Eternal Smile, as an example of the things of beauty you'll find over there:

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