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The Blog of Gene Luen Yang - SLG Publishing Presents Comics Fest
SLG Publishing Presents Comics Fest 

Man, I'm bad at blogging. I really should have posted this a couple weeks ago, but is hosting a comics mini-convention at their warehouse tomorrow (Saturday 9/19/09). I'm gonna be there, as are a bunch of other SLG artists!

Here are details:

SLG Publishing Presents Comics Fest
When: 12noon-5pm
Where: SLG Publishing
577 S Market St. San Jose, CA 95113
Contact: www.slgcomic.com 408-971-8929
What: SLG Publishing, founders of the Alternative Press Expo, returns to the San Jose, California convention scene with Comics Fest. This one-day event will gather together a number of indy comics creators in an exhibit of both established and emerging local talent. Held at the spacious SLG Gallery, this event is free to all.

Guests: Gene Yang (American Born Chinese), Jamaica Dyer (Weird Fishes), Landry Walker (Tron, Little Gloomy, Brave and the Bold), Eric Jones (Tron, Little Gloomy, Brave and the Bold), Jon "Bean" Hastings (Haunted Mansion, Smith Brown Jones), Scott Saavedra (Java Town), Andy Ristaino (The Babysitter, Meathaus), Anthony Leano (BrAiNs), Paul Allen (BrAiNs, The Nose Ninja), Alex Chiu (Chocolate Milk & Donut Doodles, Color Ink Book)

Come by if you can!

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