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The Blog of Gene Luen Yang - Festival of Faith and Writing
Festival of Faith and Writing 
This weekend, I'll be speaking at the Festival of Faith & Writing at Calvin College. I generally enjoy talking about comics, but I'm especially excited about this event because I get to talk about comics and God! I sometimes imagine Heaven to be a place where past, present, and future are juxtaposed like panels on a page of comics. Eesh. That seems a lot goofier now that I've written it down.

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Eisner Nom! 

I found out late last week that "Urgent Request," the last story in The Eternal Smile, was nominated for an Eisner! I have to tell you, I'm extremely proud of that story. Derek did an such a phenomenal job on everything, from the layouts to the pacing to the watercolors in the Nigeria sequence. I haven't checked out the other nominated short stories yet, but I'm especially excited about reading Nick Bertozzi's.

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The Genius of Shiga 
Last month, Bay Area comics genius Jason Shiga unleashed his masterpiece:

If you want to see the sort of crazy formalist oomph-itude the comics medium is capable of, you need to go buy this book now. It will pop your mind grapes. Seriously.

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Webcomics Awesomeness 
Wanna read a couple of the most awesome comics ever? Right now? Online? For free?

1. Derek Kirk Kim is serializing T.U.N.E., his next graphic novel, over at lowbright.com. It'll eventually be collected in paper-and-ink form by First Second, but it's available in all its awesomeness (1) RIGHT NOW (2) ONLINE (3) FOR FREE.

2. Mark Siegel is my editor at First Second. He's also a world-class cartoonist who melds influences from the three big comics cultures (American, European, and Japanese) into a storytelling style all his own. The guy is too talented for his own good. In any case, he's currently working on a graphic novel called Sailor Twain, that'll also be published by First Second sometime in the future, but you can read what he's done so far (1) RIGHT NOW (2) ONLINE (3) FOR FREE.

Isn't them Internets just amazing???

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Long Tail Kitty by Lark Pien 

This is the most amazing kid's comic I've read in a long time, and I'm not just saying that because the author is the colorist of American Born Chinese. The artwork - gorgeous brown brushstrokes paired with wistful, cloud-like watercolors - is absolutely stunning. And the stories! The stories have this slightly nonsensical charm that'll knock the grumpies right outta ya.

Yes, Lark is a dear friend. But even if she were my worst enemy, even if she had punched me in the face and stolen my lunch money every day of my life, I'd still have to give this book props. My first-grader boy can't get enough of the fold-out page!

Check it out!

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