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The Blog of Gene Luen Yang - ABC on a Kindle
ABC on a Kindle 

*Ta da!* Thanks to Ms. Robinson's class for providing this! I had a great time visiting you guys over Skype! You asked some awesome questions.

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SLG Sale! 
SLG Publishing is having a sale! Everything's 25% off over at their website. This includes my books with them and Street Angel, my most favoritest SLG comic ever.

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American Born Chinese is on the Kindle! 

WHAAAT??? I don't own a Kindle, so I'm really curious as to how a color graphic novel looks on a black-and-white display. I noticed that American Born Chinese isn't the only GN that's been Kindle-ized. Anyone have a photo they can share?

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Humble Comics Website Updated! 
It's been, what, four YEARS since I've done that? I don't even have Dreamweaver installed anymore so I had to use a text editor.

I've added The Eternal Smile, Prime Baby, and Animal Crackers to the Comics page. I've also updated the About page. If you find any misspellings or broken links, please let me know!

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Indonesian Smile 

I got copies of the Indonesian translation of The Eternal Smile a while ago, but I didn't flip through it until just now. They did a beautiful job on the production values-- it's kinda crazy seeing your own work in a language you don't understand. Ever wonder what a splash sounds like in Indonesia?

Speaking of The Eternal Smile, Amazon.com is offering the original English version for the amazing price of $6.61! Not bad for an Eisner nominee, right? (Er. Only a third of the book is nominated for an Eisner, but still. It's only a third of the original price!)

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