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As of today I'm officially retiring this blog! With the help of the good folks over at KickStart Media, I've started up a new website and blog here. Visit me there! Visit me often!]]>
ABC the Song American Born Chinese.

Check it out here.

Thanks so much for sharing your talent, Matthew!


Iím the new kid in school
I just want to be cool
But the cool kids are cruel
Play me for a fool

Jin Wangís my name
Jin Jangís not the same
My surnameís not a game
I feel so much shame

Iím human like you
True my eyes arenít blue
But I have just two
You know that I do

Black or blonde hair
Dark skin or fair
Why should you care
What clothes I wear

Sell your soul
If thatís your goal
To fit in
To fit in
Take my soul
My only goal
To fit in
To fit in

A childhood toy
Brought me such joy
I want to transform
To my true form

Asian self I fled
Turned dumplings to bread
Afro style on my head
Not fitting in I dread

Amelia I admire
Sets my heart on fire
I start to perspire
More soap I require

You must set her free
I disagree
Anger burns in me
So I kiss Suzy

Sell your soul
If thatís your goal
To fit in
To fit in
Take my soul
My only goal
To fit in
To fit in

I wonít shed a tear
Would be insincere
Being you I fear
You need to disappear

I crossed the line
Took what wasnít mine
My dream was a sign
As Danny Iíll be fine

Living life as a lie
I have to try
Jin-Wang good-bye
Now I must die

The Monkey Kingís real
Said Dannyís ideal
My true form can reveal
Now I must heal

Sell your soul
If thatís your goal
To fit in
To fit in
Take my soul
My only goal
To fit in
To fit in]]>
SJ Comics Fest

SLG Publishing is hosting a mini comics convention at their warehouse tomorrow (Saturday 11/13) from noon until 5pm. I'll be there, as will a number of SLG cartoonists. Thien Pham, my collaborator on Level Up, will be there, too! It'll be really intimate (read: small), which means you can come by and chat it up with a cartoonist for hours and hours and nobody will mind. It's also totally FREE! Come by if you can!

Here's the address:

577 S. Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113

Shadow and Mirror

My review of Suzy Lee's Shadow and Jeannie Baker's Mirror was printed in the New York Times over the weekend. It's also available online here.]]>
Colorado Language Arts Society and CSU Sacramento
On Tuesday 11/16, I'll be doing a presentation at 3pm at Cal State University, Sacramento. I'll post more details when I have them. Hopefully.]]>
Strange Tales Vol. 2 #1 Available Today! your friendly neighborhood comic shop and buy yourself a copy of Strange Tales Vol. 2 #1 right now! Check out this amazing cover by artist extraordinaire Rafael Grampa:

In addition to Grampa, this one issue features comics goodness from Kate Beaton! Jeffrey Brown! Nicholas Gurewitch! Kevin Huizenga! Jeff Lemire! Frank Santoro! Dash Shaw! Jillian Tamaki! Johnen Vasquez! Shannon Wheeler! And my first story ever for Marvel Comics, starring the Fabulous Frog-man!

Ohio State University's Festival of Cartoon Art

In just two days, Ohio State's 2010 Festival of Cartoon Art begins! The festival's already sold out, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. I'll be speaking there on Saturday about American Born Chinese. There are going to be many, many awesome aspiring and professional cartoonists there, including Art Spiegelman, James Sturm, and Matt Groening!

Details and schedule here.]]>
Wanna Own A Page of Pure Awesomeness?

Derek Kirk Kim has put some pages from The Eternal Smile up for sale. They look gorgeous in the book, but the originals are absolutely breath-taking. Something about watercolor doesn't scan quite right, so you really have to see these in person to get the full effect. They're pure 100% awesomeness.

Monkey King T-Shirts

I got these t-shirts made right before Comic-Con this year, but a friend of mine has finally helped me put them up on the web for sale.

The shirt was designed by my brother-in-law and features the Monkey King as he appears in American Born Chinese.

Available in all adult sizes for $18.50 each, shipping included!

Fu Chang

This past weekend, Angry Asian Man asked me to do a guest post over at his blog while he was on vacation. I wrote about the racially-insensitive-but-still-slightly-awesome Fu Chang, a Chinese-American funnybook detective from the Golden Age of comics.

If you're interested in reading the Fu Chang stories as they were originally published in Pep Comics, download them for free over at the Digital Comic Museum. You'll need to set up a login for yourself, but isn't a few minutes of inconvenience worth the hundreds of free, public domain comic book downloads? (Uh... Yes. In case you were wondering, the answer is yes.)]]>